Application for a study abroad within the Erasmus+ Program

Here you will find all information needed about the application process at the Institute of Business Administration if you want to apply for a study abroad within the Erasmus+ Program.


A. Compilation of application papers and allocation of study places


1. Information about your application

Please keep in mind that your first choice (where you want to go) made in your application is not a guarantee that you will get the place. Especially for popular cities the demand is higher than the places available. But there are often still places available in other cities after the first application phase is over. So open your mind and try something different.

An application is possible for everyone who is enrolled at Kiel University. Because so many people are interested in studying a year abroad within the Erasmus+ Program, the first application phase (deadline 31.1 every year) at the Institute of Business Administration is limited for students with a major in business administration. An exception is made for business teacher with a minor in business administration (no exception for economics students and industrial engineering students).

After the first application phase there are often places available in not so popular cities which will be announced in mid-february on this homepage. Everyone can apply for those places whose study is somehow related to business administration. The last places are given away after the principal “first come – first serve”.

2. Details about the selection criteria and the selection process

Grades are not the only criteria for the awarding of a study place abroad in your favored city. Also important are your motivation letter, your language certificate (if available) and your overall study progress at Kiel University.

Please check your application papers carefully for any spelling errors  and grammatical errors. Also do not forget any of the necessary documents needed for a successful application.

The applicants get separated by their preferences. If there are more applicants then study places the selection is made by: grades, social commitment, overall study progress, language ability, etc.

You will be notified about the result of the selection process via e-mail after one to two weeks after the application deadline of the first application phase.

3. Application at the foreign university

At first no application at the foreign university is needed. After you get nominated for your study abroad by the Erasmus+ Office and the International Center you have to apply. Information about the application procedure should be send to you via e-mail by the host university. You also will get information about the enrollment procedure at the host university, courses offered by the host university, student dorms, etc. Please contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator if you got no mail from your host university within 8 weeks.

Check information the university your are going to on application procedure necessary  for Erasmus+ Students and deadlines for applications. (e.g. application just via e-mail without any official papers or application with a special application form from the host university). If an application only by e-mail is necessary you should introduce yourself shortly, disclose your period of stay and your institute you are coming from (here: Institute of Business Administration).


B.  Acceptance of university place


1. Declaration acceptance

If you received a placement for a stay at one of our partner universities you should promptly receive a confirmation e-mail from the Erasmus+ Coordinator with a link to the online registration at the International Center of Kiel University. The acceptance of the university place occurs through the online registration. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation mail from the International Center about your nomination at the partner university.

2. Holiday semester

You do not need to make a request for a holiday semester at Kiel University for your stay abroad. Attention: If you have requested a holiday semester for you stay abroad you cannot bring back any credits. If you still want to make a request for a holiday semester you find the application form here. The application form is only valid if it is signed and stamped by the Erasmus+ Coordinator from the Institute of Business Administration,

3. Learning agreement

The Learning Agreement has to be completed before your stay abroad. To make a recognition of your academic work from your stay abroad possible you should clarify in beforehand with the responsible professorship. For additional information please check Recognition of academic work.