General Information

 At Kiel University, Business Administration is represented by two institutes:

  • the Institute of Business Administration and
  • the institute for Innovation Research

Both institutes are assigned to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences (which is in turn one out of eight faculties at the university of Kiel).

This faculty also includes:

  • the Institute of Economics,
  • the Institute for Quantitative Business and Economic Research (QBER),
  • the Institute for Regional Research,
  • the Institute of Statistics and Econometrics and
  • the Institute of Social Sciences.

Further information on the faculty and the institutes can be found  here

Additional information on kiel university itself can be found   here

The Faculty in numbers


Structure of the Institute

The studies in Business Administration are directed and organized by the Institute of Business Administration. The other institutes of the faculty as well as further faculties of our university,  such as the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities,  as well as the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science are also involved in these studies.

The courses in the field of Business Administration are provided by the following ten chairs:

list of chairs