The Master of Science in Business Administration  is composed of: 

  • an obligatory part of general business administration, which consists of at least two majors (so called “SBWL”; 20 ECTS each; three are also possible) and
  • a compulsory part in terms of an optional subject from the fields of economics, statistics, econometrics or informatics (more than one possible).
As major subjects students may choose between:
  • corporate finance,
  • entrepreneurship and innovation management,
  • marketing,
  • organization theory and design
  • accounting and auditing,
  • supply chain management and
  • technology management.
Each specializing subject (major/SBWL) in business administration consists of different lectures and additional seminar(s) (at least one seminar and three lectures have to be taken). Besides its functional contents the seminar imparts knowledge and practices about techniques regarding research, lecturing and moderating functional discussion.

When all required courses and the master thesis are passed so that 120 LPs are acquired, the master examination is passed. The process time for the master thesis is six months; the regular time of study for the master program is four semester.

This showing of the masters study structure is only due to information and is not affecting your choices. Nonetheless for specialization it is recommended to focus within one major (SBWL) and complement with other modules.

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Module guides (short form):

Note: In this version you have a short overview of information in English. It is a summary of the original module guides, which you will find below. The translation of the particular module descriptions is in work.

Module guide (original form):

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