Service Units


ERASMUS+ Coordinator (Program Representative)

The Erasmus office of the Institute of Business Administration in the first instance is responsible for study related concerns like learning agreements, transcript of records, the development of course programs, which includes choosing and accomplishing modules, as well as acknowledgements and formalities. For other matters please consult the International Center (see hereinafter)

Our institutes ERASMUS+ foreign exchange program is coordinated by

 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Wolf.

Questions have to be directed to the departmental coordinator.

International Center

You can find a broad range of information as well as contact information for advice on the homepage of the International Center. The applying procedure is coordinated by the International Center as well. For questions regarding topics like accommodation, insurances, visa and so on, you should consult the International Center. 

International Center




Students in Kiel are in the comfortable situation to have a very broad offer of libraries. In addition to the main university librarywhich offers literature for all faculties, there is an institutional library. This library is specialized on literature in the area of economics and business administration. For borrowing publication from both libraries, a library card is required.
Moreover, students may use the German National Library of Economics . With a stock of over 4 million books this library is the biggest economic and business administration library throughout the world.  

Computer laboratory

In the faculty owned computer laboratory, 18 work places, which are equipped with standard software,  are provided. They offer internet access or using of theReuters´ database. Moreover, the students have free access to printers and scanners. The services of the computer laboratory are freely accessible for all students at the Institute of Business Administration.

Students Representatives

The students of our faculty are represented by the student organization „Fachschaft“. The „Fachschaft” provides information, helps in students affairs and provides assistance with writing seminar papers for foreign exchange students. At the beginning of each semester the “Fachschaft” offers introductory events, e.g. a guided tour through our university. 

FS WiSo c/o AStA Universität Kiel

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Institute für Business Administration

Westring 385

D-24098 Kiel

phone: +49 (0)431 880-3067



Organization Systems 

HIS-QIS (information system, especially for examination matters)

QIS first of all is used to sign in and off for exams. Furthermore, you can check your examination results here. Generally, in Kiel there are different phases for enrolment regarding the different examination periods. It is very important to follow this demand to avoid complications. In any case the Erasmus+ Coordinator or the International Center will help you in issues regarding these procedures. You will find the link and some further information on:


You can find an overview of the timetables for the different terms here

UniviS (lecture directory)

The UnivIS system is an online tool which helps you to find all needed information of organisational type regarding the modules offered within a particular semester. Herein you can also build your timetable and download it as pdf file. 


Under the heading "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" you will find all courses of the university. If you study business administration or economics you have to click on "Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät". If you do so, all chairs will be listed that offer courses within the faculties program. Make sure that you have selected the right semester (in the top right corner of the page). 

We offer also a manual for using the UnivIS

OLAT (e-learning plattform)

OLAT is a platform for learning, which a broad range of the chairs are using. It is used for organization, announcements, information regarding the lecture, downloads and many more. In some cases it is very important to assign. It can be also the case, that a completely other platform is used or everything is organized through the homepage. This kind of information sometimes can be found on UnivIS, but in any case it will be announced at the first lecture of a course. In case of having already the needed access information, it is advisable to search for the necessary course information in front of the start of the lecture. The link is given hereinafter: