The Kiel region


Due to its location Kiel is very suited for travelling. The following very interesting places can be visited with short travelling time and often very low costs. Especially the bus travelling offers can be very cheap by either providing student fares or due to early booking.

Recommended places to visit:

  • Hamburg
  • Berlin (e.g. Meinfernbus or Flixbus)
  • Lübeck
  • Flensburg
  • Sylt (or other locations on the Baltic or North Sea shores)
  • St. Peter Ording


Places being further away can still be reached under very good conditions e.g. on weekends, since Deutsche Bahn has several special offers in the field of regional passenger travel. Different kinds of group tickets exist, valid for the whole day and an arbitrary amount of rides/trains in respect to the area of validity, where the total price depends on the number of people.

E.g.: You can travel with 5 people through whole Germany, using almost every regional passenger train for approx. 60 Euros.

Deutsche Bahn is also providing special offers for ICE (InterCityExpress), mostly on rarely booked traveling times. Early booking makes even a visit of Munich e.g. while Oktoberfest possible (7 hours traveling time, approx. 30€ price)


Of course, Kiel is predestinated for travelling through the North of Europe, like Denmark, Norway or Sweden. A high amount of cruise liners are leaving Kiel in these directions. Sometimes special offers under relatively low cost conditions can be found on the Internet.