Places to Visit and Guided Tours


Baroque Garden (Globushaus /Barockgarten)


Flanders Bunker (Flandernbunker)


Kiel Castle (Kieler Schloss)


City Tours


Segway Tours


Arts and Museums


In the following list you can find chosen museums or art exhibitions we recommend you to see. Of course this is not the whole offer of Kiel, and you are welcome to look for further proposal (e.g. you can look through the vast offers of Hamburg).

Art Gallery Kiel


Science, Nature

Ice Age Museum Schleswig-Holstein (in Lütjenburg, 40km)

MULTIMAR Wattforum (Forum for mudflat, wales and world natural heritage)

Zoological Museum



Dome of Media (at the University for Applied Sciences Kiel)

Computer Museum (at the University for Applied Sciences Kiel)

Navy Museum

Machine Museum Wik



Jewish Museum (Rendsburg, 35km)

Institute for Spanish Language and Culture



Theaters and Opera


On the homepage you will find information on programs related to the opera of Kiel, the philharmonic orchestra of Kiel, the ballet of Kiel and other topics. It is the homepage of the main theaters of Kiel.

Further Theaters (continuative links):

Werkstatttheater ("Factory Theatre")

Talking Heads (Improvisation Theatre)

Szenen Express (Improvisation Theatre)

Polish Theater

Niederdeutsches Theater ("Low German Theatre")

Chiffren (Forum for contemporary music)


Events, Concerts, Circus

Castle of Kiel

Arena of Kiel ("Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel")

"Die Räucherei"


The Opera

The Kiel Opera House is located at the town hall square. The main events in respect to the ballet opera and the orchestra are taking place here.

Further Information (program, prices, service)