Dear Incomings

  • Dear incoming students,
    Welcome to the information site “Living in Kiel” offered by the ERASMUS+ Office of Kiel University. Here you can find a broad range of information, which is devided into six sections:
    • -the history of Kiel
    • -the city of Kiel
    • -Kiel University
    • -Kiel, the students city
    • -Attractions of Kiel
    • -Kiel Region

    Just follow the links for further information.  

    You are welcome to use our site and the galleries (see within the navigation on the left site) to gather some first impressions. Furthermore, we supply continuative links which offer a lot more information on the particular spots to you. In addition, we advise you to have a look at the ERASMUS+ experience reports of your home university.

    As an appetizer we provide two image films of Kiel. You are gladly invited to follow the links beneath:
    1. Image Film  (Small Town Kiel, A day in the Life of Kiel, by René Raab)
    2. Image Film (Seehafen Kiel by KSK Media for the Port of Kiel Company)



Kiel Home

  • Kiel Home_1

    Photo: Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Wolfgang Okon

    Kiel Home

    Learn more about the city and the region!
Kiel Recreation

  • Kiel Recreation

    Photo: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

    Kiel Recreation

    Learn more about Spare Time Offers and Leisure Activities!

Kiel Tourism

  • Kiel Tourism

    Photo: Landeshauptstadt Kiel

    Kiel Tourism

    Learn more about Events, Nightlife and Touristic Offers!


Kiel Culture

  • Kiel Culture

    Photo: Landeshauptstadt Kiel

    Kiel Culture

    Learn more about Cultural Activities and Offers in the Region!