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  • European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

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    The first step towards your possible stay at the Kiel University is the successful application for abroad studies at your home university (which has to be a partner university of our institute!) the application process in Kiel begins. Herewith having received and checked of your documents, the replies will be send out. Once you have been approved for your abroad studies, you will receive all important information relating to topics like arrival, enrollment, accommodation, etc. Of course, a lot of these information can be found on this homepage as well.

    Here you can find a detailled description of the complete application process for ERASMUS+ students (International Center), which can also be found within our shortcuts column on the right side.

    Here you can find a detailled description of the application process if you want to study in Kiel as an exchange student outside the ERAMUS+ program.  

    Abroad studies at Kiel University

    The winter term begins in the middle of October and lasts until the end of February. The summer term runs from the middle of April until the end of July. In the section "Forms and Guides" (right side) you will find useful documents and information on our business administration studies. Besides, additional sources of information are offered (continuative links, FAQ`s, etc.)

    Further contents relating to topics such as organization of the studies at Kiel University or possible leisure time activities can be found through the navigation on left hand side (see also Explanation of the navigation).


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