The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


The bachelor program deals with the theoretical, general and methodical basics of business administration. Students will be instructed in basic aspects of business administration, economics, techniques of cost accounting and law as well as mathematics, statistics and computing.

During the obligatory courses of the first three semesters, students learn the basic contents and methods in business administration and economics. During the fourth and fifth semester students may choose a major field of study and a compulsory optional subject (economics, statistics, econometrics, informatics, law).

All courses of the Bachelor Program are offered in a frequency of one year. It is not necessary to sign up for the courses, only for the exams students have to sign up during the semester. There are two examination periods per semester with different phases for application. A list of the offered courses can be found in the section Lectures of this brochure.

The bachelor degree is composed of 180 LPs (ECTS), which have to be acquired during the six semesters of study. Students can obtain LPs within courses, by passing assignments (exams, seminar papers), and by their bachelor thesis during the sixth semester, which will take nine weeks.

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Module guides (short form):



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