Course lists

Study Plan and Examination Procedures

In general, there is a broad range of different modules and courses which could be taken into consideration for your abroad study program. In any case you have to coordinate your choices well as with the Departmental Coordinator at the Institute of Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Kolls) as with the person responsible at your home university. Furthermore, questions on other procedures than the official examination or passing procedures have to be addressed to the professors in charge at Kiel University.

If you are missing lectures to choose, you can search for modules in the master`s module guide (under agreement with all persons in charge).


Courses in Business Administration

You can find the courses and modules offered by the Institute of Business Administration here

Course overview B.Sc. Business Administration 

Course overview M.Sc. Business Administration

and in the navigation on the left. In this overviews you will find the offer for the next academic year.


Course in Economics

An overview of courses offered by the Institute of Economics (and by the Institute of Business Administration) in the following semesters can be found in the here (see "Outlook" on the top right). In general you can choose any lecture or module offered by these two institutes. 


Courses for all exchange students

Kiel University´s International Centre provide a list of courses which can be choosen by every exchange student. This list include lectures, seminars and modules form all facculties at Kiel University. You can find this list here.   


Course Language

Please notice that an English course title does not automatically mean that the course is held in English. Nonetheless an English examination could be possible after prior arrangement.