Kiel Tourism


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Bars and Nightlife

A short insight in the nightlife offers in Kiel, especially those for students. Furthermore, we provide continuative links for more impressions.
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Segler in der Stadt ©Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Peter Lühr

Kieler Woche (Kiel Week, Sailing Regatta Event and Festival)

Here you can find information on the world's biggest sailing competition, which at the same time is one of the most attractive folk festivals in Germany and Europe.

   Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Peter Lühr


The Beaches

Of course, the location of Kiel in respect to a high amount of beautiful beaches makes it very attractive for an abroad stay. Here you can get some first impressions.
Strandleben in Kiel Schilksee ©Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Peter Lehner 

   Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Peter Lehner

Duckstein Festival ©Landeshauptstadt Kiel  

Extended Offer

Here you can find some information on additional offers which makes Kiel worth seeing, e.g. festivals & open airs, concerts, sport events and so on.                               

   Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel