Kiel, the student's city


The city of Kiel and Kiel University are offering advantages for students:



  • Broad spectrum of libraries
  • Several canteens, small restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops and bars situated everywhere, throughout the university and surounding areas
  • Large university sports program



  • Relatively cheap accommodation and livelihood
  • Low university semester enrollment costs
  • A lot of student related discounts (bars, clubs, etc.)
  • Very good accessibility of all important places, especially by bike (we strongly advise you to buy or borrow one; selling it at the end of your stay typically is not a problem)
  • A great offer of water sports
  • High amount of parks, bay spots and beaches
  • Node for travelling


Nightlife and Events

  • High density of bars
  • Kiel Week
  • High amount of parks, hence outdoor events and "hot spots"
  • Christmas markets (mulled wine) and ice rink each year in the winter term
  • High amount of student parties, organized by student groups and accompaied by student mottoes