Attractions of Kiel


Kiel offers a lot of interesting places to be. Some of them are shown in the following.

Kieler Förde (Fjord of Kiel)

The fjord of Kiel is very special, since it is a very drawn-out one; the official length is given at 17 km. The city has developed around it, offering now a lot of places being worth visiting. Beginning at the "Hörn" (end of the port), a lot of sailing ships, both modern small ones but also very old and big ones (i.e. 4 masts ship) and also big and high cruise liners are shaping the picture of the city. Here, a lot of small bars and restaurants are situated, making a stay possible both in summer and in winter.

The "Kiellinie" is a very lovely and lively promenade along the fjord, where a high variety of bars have been established and ports for sailing boats and yachts can be visited. Walking along this promenade you can marvel at the dockyards of Kiel, the town's landmark. You will find the GEOMAR Aquarium where you can watch seals playing around or the "Landtag" (state parliament building) with an excellent canteen and provided tours. You can access one of the many ferries at the ferry stations and visit the other side or just make a nice trip cruising through the fjord. This promenade is surrounded by parks, greenfields and mansion districts. It is ideal for walking, jogging, skating, sailing, rowing, etc.

Rathausplatz (town hall square)

Besides being a place for administrative issues,  the town hall and the town hall square are beautiful places of Kiel. Surrounded by the "Hiroshima Park" and the "Kleiner Kiel" (lagoon), a pretty and calm location in the center of the city is given. The tower reaches 106 meters, being enlightened the whole year. It has a platform for visitors at 67 meters, thus offering a beautiful view over the town and its port. The opera of Kiel is located here, too.

During Kiel Week an international market is taking place, where you can buy dishes, drinks, accessories etc. of different countries from all over the world, enjoying country-specific (live) music and atmosphere. At winter time, a big tent is setup on the space for ice-skating, surrounded by the booths of the Christmas market.

Greenfield and parks

Kiel offers a lot of greenfield and lagoons through the whole city, some of them are listed below:

  • "Schrevenpark" and "Schreventeich" (booth)

This is the place to be and meat for students and people in the spring and summer time. Besides being a perfect place for chilling, barbecuing, sunbathing and light sports, several open airs are held here through the year.

  • Hiroshima Park

This park is also surrounded by little lakes and ponds, giving a nice view on the town hall and being in the center of Kiel, directly next to the party mile of Kiel

  • "Schlossgarten"
Located next to "Kiel castle" (restaurants, concerts, events, fairs) and the zoological museum (2 minutes away from the Kiel Linie).


  • Greenfields at the Kieler Linie and next to the parliament building.


Beaches and and the Sea

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Kiel Kanal (Wik-Canal)

The Kiel Canal is a very important part of Kiel due to its economical importance but is also an emblem of the city. After the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal it is the most frequented maritime canal in the world.

You can visit the watergate facilities and its exposition, or the platform over the new watergates. An insider tip is also to walk on the "Holtenauer Hochbrücke", (an high bridge (42m) directly in front of the watergates). Especially at night, when its dark and the town is under lights, the view is breathtaking.


A 4,200 square meters sized, triangular water expanse with a swimming pontoon in the center of the town. Here you will find a real casino, the Hofbräuhaus (charming tavern with typical German or Bavarian dishes, beer, music and atmosphere), restaurants and coffee bars. Through the whole summer, each weekend free trial open air concerts are taking place.