Application as Exchange Student


Application as a student from an ERASMUS+ partner university


When you are a student from an European partner university of our Institute of Business Administration you will be nominated as an exchange student by your home university. After the nomination you should get an email with all information necessary for studying in Kiel. To apply for admission as an ERASMUS Incoming please visit the website of Kiel University´s International Centre. Here you can apply via an online system.


Application as a student from bilateral cooperations


When you are a student from a university the Institute of Business Administration has an bilateral agreement with, your home university has to nominate you until March 31st (if you want to come to Kiel for the winter term) or until November 15th (if you want to come to Kiel in the summer term). The application documents should arive in Kiel until April 15th (winter term) respectively October 31st (summer term). 

The application documents include: 

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae, including a complete overview of the applicant’s education
  • Verification of proficiency in German language (if available)
  • Copy of passport/ID-card, showing your name and picture
  • University transcripts including a list of subjects and grades (if available)
  • Letter of motivation


(to process your application, we need copies and translations of these documents; for information visit the website of our International center).

Exchange students of the Institute of Business Administartion should send the application documents to:

Daniel Laufs

Institute of Business Administration

Kiel University

Westring 425

24118 Kiel



or send an email with a pdf. file to: 


Further information concerning schedules, deadlines, nomintaion and application etc. can be found in our Fact Sheet.