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Preparing your stay in Kiel

What do I have to do to study at Kiel University via ERASMUS+? 

In order to get a place at Kiel University as part of the exchange programme, you need to apply at your home institution (ERASMUS office). The application procedure is set out by your home institution, which then nominates you to the International Center at Kiel University. You will receive a welcome e-mail from us after this nomination, containing all the key information for applying online.

Once your application documents have been reviewed, and our faculty has confirmed its approval, you will receive an admission letter together with all the important information on arrival, registration, orientation events and living in Kiel.

More information about the admission as an ERASMUS incoming and the links for online application can be found at: 


What to I have to do to study at Kiel University as normal guest or exchange student?

If you are a student at one of the partner universitiy of Kiel University or have a scholarship from the city of Kiel (Stadt Kiel Stipendium) or from the Nordelbische Kirche, you will find information for a temporary stay of one or two semesters to study at Kiel University here:
If it is your wish to study for one or two semesters at Kiel University and  you are not nominated for economical support within a regulated exchange programme with Kiel University, you will find information on how to apply as a guest student here:

Where can I find an accommodation?

As the University of Kiel is not a campus university you need to inform yourself on time for public housing opportunities, for example on the housing market or in dormitories. Important information about housing can be found at:


The dormitories in Kiel do not belong to Kiel University but to other organisations. These organisations reserve a small number of rooms for international students which the International Center allocates. 

The chances of obtaining a room in a dormitory can be improved by submitting an application to the International Center before the deadlines listed below. The rent in the different dormitories currently amounts to approximately EUR 170,- to EUR 220,- per month.  The renting period in the dormitories is six months. Therefore the renting contracts always have to be signed for these six months: 

  • For the winter semester (application deadline June 15th) the renting period will be from September 1st of a given year until February 28th of the following year.
  • For the summer semester (application deadline January 15th) the renting period will be from March 1st until August 31st of the same year.

 Only in a few exceptional cases rental contracts can be signed for a different period of time. For this reason, it should be assumed that rent will have to be paid for the room for one or two months although the room has not been yet or is no longer occupied. In spite of this, we recommend to decide for a room in a dormitory if it becomes available and to accept the terms of the contract. It is difficult to find rooms on the private housing market at a reasonable price and often real estate agent fees and expensive deposits have to be paid.


Where can I get general information about financial assictance, visa, residency permit, health insurance etc.? 

General service information can be found at:


If you have further questions regarding these topics to not hesitate to contact the ERASMUS Coordinator.


How good do my German skills have to be?

Students should have at least a basic knowledge of German or should make an intensive language course before the semester begins because most courses are offered in German. However ERASMUS-Students do not need an official proof of their language skills.

After arrival

What should I do directly after my arrival?

After arriving in Kiel please register in person at the International Center. There you will get also an information package.

Contacts are:


Does the ERASMUS office at the Institute of Business Administration require information from me after my arrival in Kiel?

Yes. Please fill in the document "Contact information" which you can find under the heading "Formulare" and send it via email to the ERASMUS coordinator (exchange@bwl.uni-kiel.de).


How do I get further information regarding my stay?

In general you can find all information you need first on the website of 

  • the ERASMUS+ Office (this homepage) regarding f.e. organizational concerns of your studies like Transcript of Records.
In Addition the brochure study information package for incomings gives a lot of information in compact form (pdf).

About the courses

How can I find the course program?

Courses are published on the website "UnivIS" via the link http:/univis.uni-kiel.de under the heading "Vorlesungsverzeichnis". If you study Business Administration or Economics you have to click on "Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät". All chairs are listed that offer courses. Here you can get information about when and where the courses take place. Make sure that you have selected the right semester (in the top right corner of the page). 

Additionally, under the header "Formulare und Handbücher" you can find several documents with the needed information including the brochure "study information package for incomings", module guides, as well as a guide for the "UnivIS" system.

How can I get further information about the courses?

Brief information are given within the specially designed module guides for incomings (Formulare und Handbücher). Further information about the course contents are given by the particular chair which organizes the course (http://www.bwl.uni-kiel.de/bwl_inst.shtml) or by the original module guides for B.Sc./M.Sc. students in business administration.

Can I participate in seminars?

Yes, this is basically possible. Because of a limited number of participants it is necessary to apply for a seminar at the end of the preceding semester. Further information about the application process can be found at the website of each chair. It is recommended to discuss the contents and examination procedures with the people in charge of your home university.

How many ECTS Points do I receive for different courses (for language courses)?

ECTS Points are awarded for the workload that a student has to pursue in order to pass the course successfully. The number of ECTS points for different courses vary because the workload of different courses is another.

In Bachelor-/Master- System according to the course 4-10 credits (LP in German) can be reached. Credits correspond at a ratio of 1 to 1 to ECTS points.

Usually you will receive ECTS points for language courses. Some – not all – partner universities accept language courses so that you will receive ECTS points. Double-degree students can conduct one language course.  



About the examination procedures and transcript of records

What should I do if I do not reach 30 credits in the semester in Kiel?

If you do not reach 30 ECTS points please speak to your home university if they accept this.

Am I allowed to use a German dictionary in the exam?

Yes, foreign students can use a German dictionary in exams. Therefore please contact the lecturer responsible for the exam in advance, especially if respect to written exams!.

Can exams/seminars be written/held in English?

Yes, in most cases it is possible to write exams and seminar papers in English and also to give the seminar speeches in English. Therefore please contact the lecturer responsible for the exam in advance, especially if respect to written exams!.

How can I register for an exam?

Usually you have to register online: https://qis.zentr-verw.uni-kiel.de. Please notice the different time slots for registration! 

If something goeas wrong with your registration please refer to the ERASMUS+ coordinator early enough.

Where can I get my Transcript of Records?

After writing the exams and before leaving Kiel please inform the  ERASMUS+ coordinator which exams and seminars you participated in. ERASMUS coordinator will collect your results and will send the Transcript of Records to your home university.

Contact and Organization

When can the ERASMUS+ coordinator at the institute of business administration can be contacted / can sign my learning agreement?

You can come to his office during his consultation hours every Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.00h (Westring 425, room 14) without announcement. Or you contact him by e-mail (exchange@bwl.uni-kiel.de) to make an appointment. An e-mail in front of your visit with brief information about your concerns is favoured

Where can I find the International Center?

International Center 
Westring 400 (entrance on ground floor) 
24118 Kiel.

Your contact person is:

Mr. Jan Bensien

phone   (0049) (0) 431 880-3716.

You can find additional information on the website of the International Center http://www.international.uni-kiel.de.