Sports and Physical Activities


As a student in Kiel you have several possibilities to do sports within the university offers, thus under very low costs.

Hochschulsportangebot (Sports at Kiel University)

Kiel University offers a broad range of sport courses which can be visited arbitrarily for a small one-time semester fee (12€ + 3€ chip fee). The courses included in this semester basic charge can be viewed here. (Including typical team sports, different cardio courses, different martial arts, fencing, different dancing courses and much more)

Swimming is included within this offer, but only during pre-defined opening hours.

Offers which require as additional fee can be viewed here (like climbing, rowing, canoeing, tennis, and so on).

Furthermore, special offers are provided by the university, where online registration is required and additional costs arise, but to a very moderate price for students. The overview is given  here (like sailing, tai chi, yoga, back fitness, etc.).


The FIZ is the Fitness Center of Kiel University run by our cooperation partner, the leisure and health sports club (Verein für Freizeit- und Gesundheitssport VFG).
For bookings and further information visit You can choose between one (27€), three (60) or six (89) months registration. A sauna abonnement can be booked, too.

Indoor Offers

In Kiel different indoor gyms can be visited:


The Hochseilgarten "HIGH SPIRITS" is a high rope garden where you can challenge different parcours on different heights which can be a very exciting adventure. Offers, opening times and first impressions or photo galleries can be found on the homepage (