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The History of Kiel

A short portrait about the history and the development of Kiel, the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein.
                               Die Howaldswerke in Kiel, Gemälde von Fritz Stoltenberg, 1907 
  Photo:http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kiel_Howaldswerke_01.jpg (public domain)

Blick über Kiel_01 

The City of Kiel

An overview and some facts about the city of Kiel.                                                                                             

  Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/ Bodo Quante


Kiel University

Here you can learn more about Kiel University, including historical facts, university structure, field of studies and research, and some hard facts.
Universitätshochhaus und Audimax Uni Kiel_Juergen Haacks 

  Photo: Christian-Albrecht-Universität zu Kiel/Juergen Haacks

Impressionen der Kiellinie_ Fahrrad_ ©Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Nicole Bettin 

Kiel, the student's City

A short portait about Kiel considering aspects which give benefit to the life of a student.                                   

  Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Nicole Bettin

Attractions of Kiel

Where are the places to be? What makes Kiel worth seeing? Here you will find answers to these questions.                
 Hörn-Campus_01©Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Christoph Adloff

  Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Christoph Adloff

Stadtflagge ©Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Nicole Bettin 

The Kiel region

A short view beyond the horizon. Kiel as a starting point for travelling.                                                                  

  Photo:Landeshauptstadt Kiel/Nicole Bettin